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January 2018

Discipleship: Fruit
Bearing Fruit


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The Value of a Christian College Education

Before World War II, only 15% of high school graduates continued their education and received a bachelor’s degree. The G.I. Bill caused a surge in college enrollment after the war. Yet, even in 1970, most people did not go to college—only 26% of middle class workers. The world has changed. Before 1970, most jobs didn’t require a college degree, but today nearly 60% of all jobs in the U.S. require higher education.

Since lower skilled jobs are being exported, and computers complete most repetitive, mundane tasks, educated workers are becoming more valuable. Workers who once did the same thing over and over now need better communication and problem-solving skills.

Generally speaking, people with a college education earn almost twice as much as high school graduates over the course of their lifetimes, but more importantly they are healthier and generally more satisfied with their jobs. As the U.S. economy becomes more global, a college education will become absolutely necessary.

Yet pursuing a college education is not just about the money. Mark’s gospel reminds us that it doesn’t profit us to “gain the whole world yet lose our soul.” Nothing an individual makes is worth his or her soul. With this in mind, it is as important to attend college to learn how to live, as it is to learn how to make a living. Christian higher education is about both. Since our adult thinking is developed during our college years and shapes our worldview, it is vital that every thought and deed be examined through a biblical lens.

Recently, the Christian college I attended, Welch College, celebrated 75 years. In 1975, Welch College “rocked my world,” and set me on the Solid Rock. My world was never the same. I couldn’t escape the fact that my purpose in life superseded whatever job I filled, and that everyone should be doing everything he or she can to usher in the Kingdom of God.

Today, Welch offers 40 majors so almost anyone can pursue his interests and find God’s will for his life on a beautiful new campus. A Christian college education balances your vocation and your worldview in one package and is vital to reach the world for Christ.

About the Writer: David Brown, CPA, became director of the Free Will Baptist Foundation in 2007. Send your questions to David at To learn how the Foundation can help you become a more effective giver, call 877-336-7575.



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