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January 2018

Discipleship: Fruit
Bearing Fruit


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Free Will Baptist International Missions serves churches, pastors, and people by helping them fulfill their role in establishing churches beyond North America so unreached peoples can know the joy of a relationship with the living God. To find out more about the ministry of Free Will Baptist International Missions, visit

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THP Meets the Needs of the Samburu

Kenya—Although perhaps the most remote and desolate place The Hanna Project (THP) has visited, members of the Kenya team were thankful for the opportunity to bring help, hope, and healing to the Samburu people. Suffering greatly through a tremendous drought, families had been forced to leave their homes to take animals in search of water and food.


A couple of days after arriving, the team helped unload two trucks heaped with beans, corn, rice, and cooking fat. They sorted and prepared food for distribution. The next morning, mamas arrived with their sacks (and some with donkeys) to help carry the food. The Samburu elders divided the food among the people. The organization and calmness of the food distribution amazed the team. No one pushed or shoved or argued. In fact, just the opposite occurred. Many helped others. When a group showed up unexpectedly, the people shared what they had so everyone benefitted from the massive food distribution. All in all, approximately 600 families received food to feed their families for a month.

The team installed two sets of soccer goals in two locations. Digging through the hard, parched ground and working in the scorching sun was well worth it when the children came. Pumping up a soccer ball and tossing it to them brought ear-to-ear smiles. Around 50 children took off running across the hot soccer field, each taking his turn kicking the ball.

The team also offered medical assistance. One member helped missionary Amanda Simmons treat the dozens of patients who dropped by her front porch for help. The team helped finish the small, one-room house constructed for Victoria, the Simmons’ intern who arrived in mid-October. They installed windows and doors and worked to make it snake-proof.


One team member—a pilot—laid out a landing strip (pictured above) for small aircraft across the road from the Simmons’ home. Once the airstrip is cleared and ready, the ten-hour trip across difficult terrain will require only a couple of hours flying time. This will be a tremendous asset to those working among this isolated and nomadic people group.

The Samburu THP team (five men from Tennessee, Missouri, Alabama, and Arkansas) returned to the States with thankful hearts for all they saw accomplished during their time in Kenya. The team served September 8-20.

Interested in serving on a THP team? Visit or call 877-767-7736.


Snapshots Around the World

Côte d’Ivoire: The bush village of Gbogbodo dedicated a new church building (pictured below) on September 24. Pastor Alexis Hien oversees the work in this previously unreached area.



Côte d’Ivoire: Pastor Alphonse Daga of the Free Will Baptist church in Talahini, Cotê d’Ivoire, baptized two people, a man and a woman, Sunday, September 10.

Bulgaria: The annual retreat of the New Life Churches in Bulgaria was held September 22-24. Missionaries, church members, other Christians, and nonbelievers from Svishtov, Pleven, Varna, and Butovo participated.

Uruguay: The Emmanuel FWB Church in the Malvin neighborhood of Montevideo has invited a Cuban pastor to lead and revive the church. Meantime, four people were baptized October 22.

Brazil: Clóvis and Cristina Leandro, church planters in Boa Esperança, Alagoas, held a community outreach (pictured below) Saturday, September 17. They plan to host another event in October. They have a small group of converts in this area of northern Brazil, where no other Christian witness is present.


Bulgaria: Jonathan and Amy hosted their first Friday night gathering for international students from the nearby medical university September 29. Using food and games to attract students interested in spiritual matters, the Postlewaites also instigated discussions about biblical truth.

Côte d’Ivoire: Six people were baptized in Doropo. Pastors Jean-Daniel Doli and Knoté Palé continue to disciple these believers.

Brazil: Pastor Alexsandro Fernandes of the First FWB Church in Uberlândia, baptized four people Sunday, September 10.

France: A JPENSE event held in Nantes, Saturday, September 16, was well attended, with 150 people present. Joel Teague addressed the topic “If God exists, where is He? What is He doing in this world?” About a dozen people signed up to participate in discussion groups.

India: The Bethel FWB Church in South India hosted a youth festival attended by 324 people. According to Pastor Stanley Rajkumar, 53 young people committed their lives to full-time ministry.

Côte d’Ivoire: Youth from churches in the Bougou area impacted 1,287 homes in Kong, Ivory Coast, as they passed out tracts in the predominately Muslim town. A new church plant is underway.



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